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I create original, engaging, and thought provoking content that reaches target audiences in measurable ways! I use my experience in entrepreneurship and business development in sourcing topics that matter, and my 15+ years experience in Fine Art to craft beautiful and unique images that stand out.

While creation has always been a key calling in my life, being able to impact people has become a driving force - for social good, spreading awareness, and stopping misinformation.

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I'm now co-hosting a podcast called
"The New Viral" - a Business Growth and Insights Podcast with world renowned growth expert - Graham Seymour
& Partner in Crime - Jennie Dschaak



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Most recent classes/workshops
(within 2020):

  • LinkedIn Outreach BootCamp - LinkedIn Learning

  • Marketing to MindStates - Will Leach

  • Online Empire Starter-Pack -

  • The Lean Start-Up - Eric Ries

  • Fluid: How Culture, Hidden Opportunities, and Flatter Structures Lead to Profitable Innovation - Najeeb Khan

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